Turkey 'neutralizes 36 terrorists' in one week

Interior Ministry also says 32 others remanded in custody for aiding PKK terror group.

Turkey 'neutralizes 36 terrorists' in one week

Security forces neutralized 36 terrorists during operations across Turkey over the last seven days, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

Among them were 18 dead, two wounded, four captured alive and 12 others who surrendered to security forces, the ministry said in a statement.

Also, 32 out of 321 suspects were remanded in custody on charges of aiding the PKK terror group during the operations, it said.

Also, 66 others were arrested for allegedly links to the Daesh terror group; 48 out of 855 suspects held in anti-FETO operation were remanded in custody, the statement said.

Police also detained 18 other suspects for alleged links to a leftist terrorist group.

During the operations in eight districts of eastern and southeastern Turkey, 26 shelters and 17 improvised explosive devices were also destroyed.

Additionally, 210 kilograms (462 pounds) of explosives materials along with 87 grenades and 42 weapons were seized during the operations.

Security forces also conducted 597 anti-drug operations across the country in an effort to curtail terror financing, and seized in various amounts narcotic drugs, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, opiates, hemp root, and meth, as well as more than 713,000 packs of smuggled cigarettes, and 546 litres (144 gallons) of smuggled oil.

Meanwhile, 846 migrants were held over the past week, while the police arrested 88 people on suspicion of organizing human trafficking; 12 of them were sent to jail.

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